Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL)

SEAL connects you to experiences outside the classroom!

Student Organizations

With over 25 active Registered Student Organizations, Penn State Abington has opportunities for students to meet other students, share ideas and forge their own paths.

A full list of student organization is available on the Student Organizations page and on Engage.

Leadership at Abington

Through the various leadership opportunities offered to Abington students, students are encouraged and challenged to extend learning beyond the classroom in the high-quality experiential activities that will prepare them for complex issues in their community and chosen profession.

Opportunities challenge students to:

  • Enrich and deepen their self-knowledge
  • Develop self-confidence and competence
  • Manage their time, energy and efforts to live balanced lives
  • Recognize and assume accountability for their actions and decisions
  • Communicate and interact effectively
  • Think creatively and critically
  • Consider and understand multiple perspectives
  • Embrace the responsibilities associated with becoming an ethical leader

For more information, please visit our LEAD page on Engage.

Community Engagement & Service-Learning

Our service programs engage students, faculty, staff and community to facilitate partnerships, education, critical thinking and informed action about matter surround Abington, Pennsylvania and the World.  Through these collaborations, we aim to foster social justice by promoting personal, institutional and community change

Service in the community takes on many names and our work can be called community service, volunteerism, civic engagement, service learning, and public scholarship.  We work to engage our student body and our campus community with the surrounding population in various areas of need and concern.  We provide opportunities to become involved in the community, to learn more about yourself and to experience firsthand a variety of issues affecting both our community and our society.

At Penn State Abington, our office overseas various areas related to Service: